Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This Month In Musical Review:

Just a few of the heavy hitters that overloaded my recent playlist....

I've been playing Twin Sister's album "Vampires with Dreaming Kids" on repeat for weeks now. A little bit Air, a little bit Beach House, a little bit Jesus & Mary Chain, "Ginger" would be at home on a Sophia Coppola soundtrack.

Beach Girls- Sleigh Bells. Check them out at Mohawk Place on April 9th.

Give Them A Token- Adam Green
Hello Lou Reed! Green channels The Velvet Underground and early Reed on this derivative but still wonderful track.

A culmination of early 90's samples mixed with current beats and progressions. Loungey and urban, this is the perfect song to move the party forward.

On first listen to Local Natives' "Gorilla Manor," I was a bit dismissive. I felt the album took too many cues from veteran indie darlings Grizzly Bear & Animal Collective, although I've found myself growing very fond of this single as of late.

Life Magazine- Cold Cave
Too bad their recent appearance in Buffalo was cancelled - apparently a band member quit. Hopefully "Love Comes Close," the album from which "Life Magazine" derives, won't be the first and last we hear from them.

This is Merrill Garbus' first single off her debut album "Bird-Brains," which was entirely self-produced using a digital voice recorder & shareware mixing software.

With friends such as Beach House, Fuck Buttons, High Places, and The Big Pink, this one man electronic act from Philly is sure to top Shock & Awe's party playlist soon.

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  1. I have to thank you for posting these; I keep discovering wonderful new artists thanks to you! Annie.


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