Sunday, February 28, 2010

room Hertel's Grand Opening

( Black f21 skinnies, silk blouse, f21 sequin blazer, deena and ozzy wedge (my boyfriend bought me for valentines day!) 
Friday night Jessa and I djed room Hertel's Grand Opening in North Buffalo. roomHertel is an expanded version of their Elmwood store, which specializes in contemporary furniture and interior design, and what they have done with the new space is nothing short of amazing. The furniture on display was absolutely gorgeous and the party was a huge success. 
The owners David & Michael are so talented and fun loving.  We danced, gulped champagne & hynotiq cocktails till midnight then went out for some karaoke with friends. 
I went with a relatively casual outfit and jazzed it up with the blazer, which I bought before Christmas but haven't had many opportunities to rock. 

Friday, February 26, 2010


Just a quick post before I'm out the door. Had a lovely and relaxing day shopping, mani's, and thrifting. Currently obsessing over mint green nails ala Chanel. I snagged my look alike from Sephora for nine bucks. Perfect and spring like, I wish our current conditions in Buffalo were the same. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Men at work, make it work.

(h&m blazer, forever 21 silk pants, vintage timex, aa v neck, forever 21 jewelry) 

If I had in fact made it to NYFW I would have worn this. I find that structured menswear exudes  effortless style.  I picked up this double breasted blazer in Toronto and I know it’s going to quickly become a wardrobe staple. 
(I apologize for the wrinkled silk but it happens- especially on the go.)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cutrone Crazed

Thanks Bravo for turning my seemingly boring Mondays into a eye rolling, finger waving, bitch slapping good time. "Kell on Earth" has quickly become my favorite reality show on TV.  
Let's just recap the season thus far- Cutrone's queeny friend has swallowed a 
Swarovski crystal thinking it's some kind of "pill", Kelly commands her senseless interns 
"if you have to cry, go outside", and the gothy assistant Andrew masters the art of mesh 
clothing. I only hope the dueling Stephanie's stop whimpering or get canned ASAP.

BTW I'm pretty sure the major assistant's combined breed 
Millionaire Matchermaker Patti Stanger's love child.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


(Forever 21 harem pants, f21 lace crop top, f21 necklace, booties fahrenheit)

This is honestly one of the most comfortable outfits I own. I bought these harem pants over the summer and some how they ended up in the back of my closet. While organize things in the new place they resurfaced and I decided to re-work. I like the voluminous silhouette paired with the crop top -completed with the perfect amount of peekaboo skin. 

It's been a crazy hectic week with packing, unpacking, and hauling boxes (luckily the beau is doing most of the heavy lifting). We still have a bunch more to move, but it's getting there. Tonight I look forward to cozying up with a glass of wine and relaxing in the new apartment. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Easy Rider

(forever 21 jeans, h&m booties, forever 21 blouse & blazer, thrifted belt)

Just a casual comfy outfit- I'll be posting some more exciting outfits tomorrow. Tonight I'm exhausted from moving, but absolutely loving our new space. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank You Thakoon

God in heaven the Thakoon show was stunning. These are just a few of my favorite pieces from the collection- loving the modified harem paired with a sheer (and sequin!!) blouse. Gorgeous furs perfectly suited for Buffalo weather. Warm fuzzes all around. 
BTW If I ever muster enough courage (and responsibility) to expand my pet family I've settled on the name Thakoon for a pretty kitty. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Skygazing in Valentine Heaven

 The trip to Toronto was amazing - I'm a bit sad to be home after such a glorious weekend. The Gladstone, a renovated West Queen St. Victorian hotel in which every room is designed by a different artist, was hands down the most unique I've ever stayed in. Our room, called The Skygazer, was such a treat! It was luminous and pristine, with sculpted reliefs protruding from every wall. The hotel itself was a maze of possibility- we stumbled upon an 'Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair," which featured DIY erotica.  We took in the sights with a few glasses of wine and I purchased a few prints by a local artist. After that we went to the Melody Bar for some snacks. We overheard some staff members discussing a burlesque show and decided to give it a go. The BE MEIN VALENTINE show was packed  full of comedy, nudity, and dancing ladies (and men)! Such a festive evening - one of the most relaxed and fun Valentine's dates I can remember. Beyond those activities we also dined on thai food, took in some local art at a gallery on Queen St. and roamed the Power Plant museum. 
I also found a few new treasures courtesy H&M.
Hope everyone had a lovely holiday <3

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Funny Valentine

Just a quick post before I head off to Toronto with the boy! Everything I'm wearing is Forever 21 (minus the tights from UO) Oh and this is my new apt, half we're turning into a studio space! I'll post more pics when I return. Wishing everyone a lovely Valentines day whether it's with your ladies, lover, or family

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Featured: The Skinny

While perusing one of my favorite blogs Forever 21's The Skinny I realized they featured one of my outfits for their Sweetheart Contest. Here's hoping for the win! They're offering three gift cards starts at $300 dollars! Oh god the outfits I could put together with that sum would be ridiculous (considering 80% of my wardrobe is f21 products)!!! Woohoo Happy Valentine's day indeed!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New York Fashion Week

Just a few of my favorite models sporting simple, yet sophisticated style.
 Perfect inspiration for fashion week and beyond. 
Leather pants, an artful top not, and look at those beautiful Max Azria wedges! 
I loved the braided bangs Elie Saab was showing for the 2010 couture collection, 
especially when paired with an updated trench, fur, and classic riding boots. 
Black skinnies, stripes, blazer plus sky high heels achieve a perfectly relaxed 
yet stylish look. (Wishing I was brave enough to pull off Drea's pink waves) 
Simply understated in menswear -a clean fresh face and slicked back hair.  
Love the tiny bit of romance the sheer lacey top creates. 
I'm always a sucker for animal prints! I love how she's paired the loud pants with doc's for a more punky look -then even's it out with a fitted blazer and tee. The whole look is edgy yet relaxed, perfect juxtaposition.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Taxi Driver

(Leopard jacket courtesy my mother, sequin forever 21 shorts, forever 21 shoes, forever 21 leather gloves, UO tights, h&m heart shaped bag) 

This was the outfit I put together for the Forever 21 sweet heart contest.  I found these adorable shoes on Friday so comfortable and inexpensive (22.80). After returning home and uploading the pictures I realized the resemblance to Jodi Foster in "Taxi Driver". I suppose this is the more wintery version but something about our look is in sync.  

The bag I bought last year in Montreal- I figure it goes well with the holiday theme. As for me I'm headed to Toronto for the weekend- we're staying at an artist hotel The Gladstone.  Each room is designed by a different artist, all with unique models and layouts. It will be nice to get out of town relax with the beau, dine out, and hopefully pick up some vintage pieces.  

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two of hearts

(F21 shorts, f21 shoes, UO tights, gifted leopard print jacket (thanks, mom!) h&m blouse, h&m heart shaped bag)

Finally my little heart tights arrived in the mail, just in time for Valentines day. I snagged these shoes at forever 21 on friday, they're super comfortable. I'll post more pictures of the jacket later. It was a Christmas gift from my Mom! 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Couture Creations

(images courtesy

Just a few jaw dropping designs from Alexis Mabille and Karl Laugerfield. These couture creations are on opposite ends of the spectrum but are equally detailed and inspiring. I love the structure and tonality of Mabille's designs- even more so when juxtaposed with Laugerfield's frothy silhouette. The bowed hair is just beyond- I'd love to style the metallic blouse on the left down with an pair of structured pleated pants or high waited jeans. 
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