Tuesday, April 13, 2010

poor little bitch kids

And this was the result of my ridiculous birthday party Saturday night.  I planned it with the Factory theme in mind.  My boyfriend managed to round up two projectors which allowed us to give life to the party through image.  We showed Ciao Manhattan Edie Sedgwick's final film before death,  Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, and a compilation of Keneth Anger films.  The next morning I awoke to nearly 25 empty champagne bottles.  It was a lovely way to celebrate another year passing. 


  1. oh what a lovely birthday celebration! these photos are absolutely breathtaking - i love the energy of the dance party you all are having in the third to last photo :)


  2. i had so much fun!!!! <3 thank you for the party and thank you for not posting the gross pics of me ahahahhah and i hope you liked the truffles and ate them all --mike.

  3. These are such awesome photos! Great blog xxx

  4. Mikey! I ate all the TRUFFLES (ok I might have two white chocolate left!) Thanks so much- you are not only a lovely dance partner but a wonderful friend! Xoxo

  5. This may be the only other time I've heard reference to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls- such a classic!! I hope your party was magical- it looks as though it was!


  6. Your hair is so pretty. I saw somebody in starbucks watching Valley of the Dolls the other day on his laptop and it made me want to watch it. Thanks for reminding me of that. Happy belated birthday!


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