Monday, April 5, 2010

Featured: Rocker Repo- Maxi Skirts

A big thanks to Maggie over at Rocker Repro.  She did a short feature on maxi dresses and included my look as inspiration.  You can check out the article in full here.  

On a side note tomorrow is my birthday and I have a full week ahead.  Thursday Xiu Xiu plays with Tune-Yards.  Friday Jessa and I dj the SLEIGH BELLS show at Mohawk Place, and SATURDAY is my big birthday blowout.  I've themed the event after Warhol's screen tests and films (Poor Little Rich Kids).  I've included the flier I designed below.  My dear friend Vince is coming to town, and with him comes festivities sure to be packed with crazy antics.  I can't wait to have all the friends together, dancing, drinking, and laughing. It's not so bad to grow older....

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  1. i loved this post, the skirts looks great, and the different ways that they were worn - and i love the 'poor litle bitch kids' :) hope you have and absolutaly amaizng party - happy birthday!


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