Monday, April 5, 2010

clinic vs. exam

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Back, back, back, and forth.  The Clinic vs. Exam- I've been lusting after the clinic for months, only to have it's counterpart revealed last week.  Now I'm stuck- whatever shall I choose? 
 I look to you dear readers for a PUSH in the right direction.  
With my birthday on it's way I suppose it's only fair I treat myself to a little JC love.....

(And only to complicate matters more I'll include the Mary Rock's wedge.  It's just a bit more springy, and ahhh look at the open toe. Decisions, decisions, painful decisions....)


  1. I mean I love wedges as much as the next girl, but I personally love the Mary Rocks, but really all of them are so fierce it really is hard to pick. I mostly like it for the color. It can work in any season really. (Though maybe not completely practical for all of them) :)
    But if you're deciding between the first two, the first one definitely! I love the straps.
    Jeffrey Campbell shoes are simply to die for!

  2. these are so fantastic... I want them very very very badly.

  3. I bought the Mary Roks and absolutely LOVE THEM! So of course I say buy them :) I'm not a big fan of the clinics or the other. And when I decided to purchase the Mary Roks in gray, I thought - How many black heels do I already own? So maybe that will help your decision :\

  4. JC is to die for...indeed!!! I'd say, go with the Clinic because I think it'll look good with most outfits. However, I think a lot have the Clinic wedges already. If you want to be different from the pack, then go with Exam...but if you just don't care at all, stick to CLinic! Am i confusing you already? hahahaha!

    do send me some love over at

  5. I want to get my hands on those grey mary roks too, too bad they're sold out almost EVERYWHERE! between clinic & exam, i'd say go for clinic!! the straps & buckles >>>> studs ;)

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  7. Ugh! Yes, Mary Rocks is on backorder until May- I don't think I can WAIT that long. Although I love the way they look with socks. I think I'm leaning towards the Clinic but like you said Kookie, everyone seems to be sporting these bad boys lately (well except for in Buffalo haha). I guess someone has to lead the pack...

    Thanks for all of your advice-
    I'm more unsure than ever! <3


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