Monday, February 8, 2010

Taxi Driver

(Leopard jacket courtesy my mother, sequin forever 21 shorts, forever 21 shoes, forever 21 leather gloves, UO tights, h&m heart shaped bag) 

This was the outfit I put together for the Forever 21 sweet heart contest.  I found these adorable shoes on Friday so comfortable and inexpensive (22.80). After returning home and uploading the pictures I realized the resemblance to Jodi Foster in "Taxi Driver". I suppose this is the more wintery version but something about our look is in sync.  

The bag I bought last year in Montreal- I figure it goes well with the holiday theme. As for me I'm headed to Toronto for the weekend- we're staying at an artist hotel The Gladstone.  Each room is designed by a different artist, all with unique models and layouts. It will be nice to get out of town relax with the beau, dine out, and hopefully pick up some vintage pieces.  


  1. amazing short! xoxo

  2. Your toes must be FREEZING! Luckily you have that amazing jacket to keep you warm:)

    -Janet from


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