Sunday, February 14, 2010

Skygazing in Valentine Heaven

 The trip to Toronto was amazing - I'm a bit sad to be home after such a glorious weekend. The Gladstone, a renovated West Queen St. Victorian hotel in which every room is designed by a different artist, was hands down the most unique I've ever stayed in. Our room, called The Skygazer, was such a treat! It was luminous and pristine, with sculpted reliefs protruding from every wall. The hotel itself was a maze of possibility- we stumbled upon an 'Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair," which featured DIY erotica.  We took in the sights with a few glasses of wine and I purchased a few prints by a local artist. After that we went to the Melody Bar for some snacks. We overheard some staff members discussing a burlesque show and decided to give it a go. The BE MEIN VALENTINE show was packed  full of comedy, nudity, and dancing ladies (and men)! Such a festive evening - one of the most relaxed and fun Valentine's dates I can remember. Beyond those activities we also dined on thai food, took in some local art at a gallery on Queen St. and roamed the Power Plant museum. 
I also found a few new treasures courtesy H&M.
Hope everyone had a lovely holiday <3


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