Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Month In Musical Review:

With the end of the month approaching I've decided to put together a selection of my most widely played tracks. The holidays often result in a musical stand still but January is coming on strong with an abundance of melodic flavor.

The Baltimore natives have released their third album, and well, I'm not 100% on team "Teen Dream." Overall, it's a bit too poppy, and lacking the lucid, haunting melodies Beach House is known for, and yet this track makes the list.

Originally known as "Final Fantasy," Owen Pallett had to drop the alter-ego when the video game's copyright lawyers cracked down. "Heartland" has quickly become my favorite album of the new year. Theatrical, operatic, and electronic. There's been some talk of a Buffalo appearance, fingers crossed! Just go ahead and download the entire album, you won't be disappointed.

This adorable band debuted their third album in October but I'm just getting around to checking them out on the listening circuit. With clear cues taken from Grizzly Bear, Andrew Bird & Midlake, this delightful little song states "I don't mind dying, when I make love to her."  Adorability at its best!

Chocolate Makes You Happy- Xiu Xiu
"And keeps you awake" (Thanks Mike for the share!)

Played this early at the last Shock & Awe. Danceable, light, and an interesting departure for this Brooklyn-based band. Their previous album "All Our Cymbals" was a favorite album of mine. It's true the music's lost a bit of its edge but it's still extremely catchy and tribal.

Heavy influence from Broadcast drawing me in. Must add "The Science of Sleep" to my queue again.

Odessa- Caribou
Look for the full release of "Swim" mid April.

Click on the tracks to download via my Zshare


  1. what a great post, thanks!


  2. love this post, and that first picture! cute blog!

    lovelove, M.

  3. such an awesome post. love discovering new music i've never heard before. def checking these out


  4. hehehe yay i get a shoutout! hahahha i love this playlist!!!!! twinzies.

  5. "Can't you just pretend you didn't see me?" - Stéphane Miroux (Science of Sleep)


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