Monday, January 25, 2010

Teen Dream

I'm going to recreate this outfit from Saturday night. Sans external and the seedy indoor lighting don't do this dress justice. I'll try and post some body shots later this week. I also FINALLY got my hair cut, now sure if I'm loving the bangs.. but I know they'll grow rapidly. 

The party was a success. Loads of Gaga, dancing, and champagne. I made enough money to finance the trip to NYC  for the Chictopia conference Feb. 13th. With two city trips planned for Feb & March, I'm feeling excited for new endeavors to come. 

Oh and heart shaped sleeves are the new heart shaped glasses, just in time for cupid. 


  1. Great shots! You really look great on that!

    198, Butterfly: Design, FASHION, Art and Architecture:

  2. You look adorable. Can't wait to see the other photos!

  3. So glad I found your look lovely in these photos. I have major envy on your lace dress.

  4. This look is so amazing, I love the bangs, your make-up is great...I'm glad your party was a success, too!

  5. i love this dress! it's awesome
    and your hair looks amazing!
    have fun in NYC!

  6. Wow! We love this dress!! so nice!


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