Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Red Light Specials

(via knightcat, and the gladstone hotel)

Everything I'm loving now.   I'm having hair dilemmas.... I need a spring change but I'm unsure of cutting my long locks, growing out my bangs, or opting for beachy blonde waves or shooting from ombre hair? Help a betch out fellow readers! 

The last is a photo of the hotel room I stayed in for my birthday.  I named it the red light special (TLC anyone?) 


  1. Alexa Chung is always so cool. As for the hair, I suggest you get a haircut. I'm having hair dilemmas as well. I want to color my locks but afraid it might not flatter me. Anyway, that hotel room you stayed in is psychedelic!

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  2. ooo! wow Nice hotel! Hair issues are plentiful right now it seems.. I would say cut it! It is always fun to get a change.. Also warmer weather makes short hair work out just fine!!


  3. so cute! love these girls! alexa is my fave :)



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