Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mass Appeal 2010


Mass Appeal is quickly approaching us here in Buffalo.  For those readers around the globe, Mass Appeal is a annual local fashion show here in Buffalo.  It showcases local designers and boutiques that reside on the Elmwood strip (our Main St. in Buffalo).  Basically it's our equivalent to NY Fashion Week, but focusing more on local flare.  A good friend and mentor, Erin Habes heads the massive ordeal.  Anyway- I won't be walking in the show but my dj partner and I, Jessa will be providing the music for the show and hosting the afterparty at Soundlab.  This year we decided to go with a Masquerade theme- (French Vogues 90th celebration anyone?) I'm super pleased with the way the fliers turned out thanks to another wonderful friend Brandon over at Block Club Magazine.

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  1. Oh this should be so cool!!



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